A display of energy drinks in flavors cherry slush, breezeberry and cosmic stardust.
Katy adjusted her embellished sunglasses, wearing a blue blouse and multiple necklaces, with her tattoo visible on her arm, holding a pack of energy drinks.



Founded by entrepreneur, trainer, and influencer, Katy Hearn, Alani Nutrition – or Alani Nu – is a vibrant health-and-wellness brand focused on empowering your every move. Combining refreshingly fun flavors and low-calorie formulas, Alani Nu provides consumers with a wide range of better-for-you products, perfectly balanced to support their goals and treat their taste buds. The brand's best-selling beverages, snacks, and supplements can be found at national retailers including Walmart, Target, GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, Kroger Family Stores, Costco, and Amazon.

Brand Details

Alani’s Co Founder Katy Hearn spent years working with women all across the world and built relationships on both honesty and respect. When asked, she didn’t feel comfortable recommending any other supplement brands on the market. So what’s a strong business women to do? She set out to build a brand that met all of those women’s needs. This was risky from the outside looking in as no brand had really went out and specifically targeted the women’s sports nutrition market. Much less have the vigor to take that brand and launch it in the largest nutrition retailer in the world (GNC).

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