An array of '3D' energy drink cans in various flavors like citrus mist, berry blue, and sunburst, tilted at different angles, with a large '3D' logo in the center, all against a dynamic, colorful, display.

Founded in 2018

3D energy

Founded by entrepreneur, trainer, and influencer, Christian Guzman, 3D Energy brings a dynamic new dimension to the beverage industry. Built on bold ideas, efficiency, and willpower, the brand is devoted to what consumers deserve in an energy drink – zero sugar, low calories, low carbonation, and full-force flavor for an unbeatable bargain. Guzman's vision? To energize everyone, spark breakthroughs, and unite a community of achievers who never settle for average. That's energy felt. That's 3D Energy.

Christian smiling and holding a variety of 3D energy drinks by displaying them in front of him.


In 2018, fitness influencer and founder Christian Guzman set out to create 3D Energy and make it one of the top energy drinks in the market. Thanks to Guzman's relentless persistence to turn his goals into milestones accomplished, 3D Energy can be found in national retailers including GNC, Walmart, Kroger Family Stores, Target and on Amazon.


It’s said that the easiest way to accomplish a seemingly insurmountable task is to break it down into the simplest form. With simplicity being top of mind, Christian knew that the way to consumers hearts was to give them exactly what they wanted, no more, no less. A minimalistic design, low carbonation, and 200mg of caffeine was the winning recipe. 3D started as a concept but today it is truly ENERGY FELT.